Who is Kyle Juszczyk’s wife, Kristin Juszczyk? Meet the 49ers’ emergency QB’s better half

Who is Kyle Juszczyk's wife, Kristin Juszczyk? Meet the 49ers' emergency QB's better half
Kyle Juszczykand his wife

Kyle Juszczyk has played a significant role in the San Francisco 49ers’ postseason run as they attempt to reach Super Bowl LVI. The fullback, who rose to the position of the best-paid fullback in the league in 2021, has been supported by his wife, Kristin, as he strives to have a great season.

A little earlier in their adult lives, Kyle and Kristin attended colleges in New England. They only met once they arrived in Maryland. The couple met when Kristin was a resident of Baltimore. Kyle’s league career started with the Baltimore Ravens.

Kristin Juszczyk double-majored in commerce and fashion at the University of Rhode Island before moving to Towson University in Baltimore, where she met Kyle. 

Kristin was brought up in a household of business owners, yet she desired to pursue her own profession. She grew adamant about finding one that suited her particular lifestyle, which depended on being adaptable in terms of time and place.

Kristin Juszczyk said in an interview:

“If you’re a woman married to someone in the NFL and you want a career of your own, most of the time, it really has to be something that you are doing on your own.”

Kristin runs an internet store called “Origin,” which she claims is only available online since she initially wanted to figure out who her customers were and understand how to manage a business.

Kyle Juszczyk is an emergency quarterback against the Eagles

Kyle Juszczyk was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round out of Harvard in 2013. He has been associated with just two clubs in the NFL since he started playing. He spent four years with the Ravens. When he was in free agency in 2017, the San Francisco 49ers acquired him on a four-year contract, which the club extended for an additional five years.

The 49ers, who are on the fourth quarterback of the campaign, with Josh Johnson replacing Brock Purdy in the first quarter of the NFC championship game, are in a nightmare situation.

Johnson played in his first-ever postseason game after Purdy suffered an elbow injury during a block. But if the seasoned backup is injured, there is a reason for concern. After Johnson, Kyle Juszczyk is the next in line.