Home Inspections Are Crucial – Here’s Why

Home Inspections

Home Inspections Are Crucial – Here’s Why

Most first-time homebuyers ask the exact same question: Do I need a home inspectionNo matter a home’s age, or how much the owners convince you that you don’t need one, the answer is: yes, you definitely do need a home inspection.

While a home may look absolutely perfect on the outside, the reality is: there may be problems that you are unable to see. In order to steer clear of unexpected and costly repairs, hire a home inspector to take a look around. When you skip a home inspection, you’re solely relying on the seller to disclose all issues with the home.

Realtors aren’t home inspectors, meaning they oftentimes have no idea what’s hiding behind the walls. Even if they do, they may purposely omit the home’s underlying issues. Keep in mind, their interest is scoring the best deal for their clients, and fixing a rotting roof or an old heating system are expensive repairs. This is why it is key to call in an expert to evaluate the home, ensuring you receive an honest, informative answer.

So what exactly does a home inspection cover? The interior and exterior of your home will be evaluated by a professional- they check whether everything is working properly and look for anything faulty that needs to either be repaired or replaced. It is recommended for homebuyers to attend the inspection. Although a report will be provided afterward, you will benefit from hearing the information first-hand.

It is imperative that the home inspection report is taken seriously, no matter how attached to the home the buyer is. If an expensive repair needs to be made, ask the seller to fix it themselves, or ask for money so you can do it yourself. If both requests are denied, you may need to ask yourself if you can, a) afford the damage and b) if this home is worth it.

Before purchasing your next home, keep in mind how important a home inspection is. You’ll ensure that you’re getting the best deal and be able to relax knowing your home is safe.

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