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Alex Brizard

Alex Brizard aka Nathan. Netflix’s ‘The Circle is a social media-based game show with a fun foundation. After gathering a group of participants, the show keeps them alone in separate rooms and separates them from the outside . While the ultimate goal is to become more popular, the contestant can only share with their colleagues through a specially-designed social media app that allows them to post photos and images.

Alternatively, as the app promotes anonymity, participants may also decide to disclose their modified or complete identities to others. Season 4 of ‘The Circle’ has taken Alex Brizard to appear not only as Alex but as a recent college freshman “frat bro” Nathan. Although the face we saw on the show was Maxwell’s “crime partner” Alex, his appeal and his connection to pop culture made him a popular fan favorite. However, with the season behind us, fans have been wondering where Alex is right now.

Alex Brizard’s Bio, Age, Life & Family

Although the man on Alex Brizard’s screen is a 22-year-old man, the real star was actually 28 years old when he entered the Netflix production. Born into a loving family in Scottsdale, Arizona, Alex seems to have grown up around his sibling and is still close to his parents. He values ​​his family very much and puts his family’s values ​​above all else. Even social media is full of family photos, indicating that he is able to give herself some of the busy time he spends with his loved ones.

Growing up, Alex Brizard was a brilliant student and graduated from Novi High School in 2011. He then went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from Grand Valley State University before entering. his professional life.

Alex Brizard’s Career

While studying for his degree, Alex acquired much-needed experience, working as a Marketing Specialist at All-Weather Seal in West Michigan. He began his professional career in August 2015 as a News Trainer and Content Development Specialist at Varsity News Network. However, Alex wanted to explore other areas of expertise. So, he left VNN in March 2016 before joining Real Estate One Success as the following month.

Alex never looked back and got a job as a Mortgage Banker at Quicken Loans. However, for now, the real star is operating as a commercial bank and partnering in Scottsdale, Arizona, based on 3AB funding. Interestingly, in addition to his day job, Alex is very interested in pop culture and knows everything about superheroes and Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, his passion even led him to participate in a brilliant podcast entitled ‘Two Cartoons to Watch’ with cartoonist Evan Lian.

Alex Brizard’s Girlfriend

We are pleased to report that Alex Brizard is in a happy relationship with Nikki Rodriguez. Even when separating himself from the party, Alex kept a picture of Nikki next to his bed and often said how much he missed her. Even though his catfish personality forced her to flirt with other competitors, Alex did not let Nikki get out of his mind and affirmed his commitment to their regular communication.

Alex and Nikki are very open about their relationship and love sharing the memories they make on social media. It is wonderful to see their love blossom over time, and we wish them all the best for the years to come.

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