Most Expensive Foods in the World

What is the most expensive food you’ve ever come across be it on a menu or you’ve ever paid for? Today is yet another day and we are going to talk about luxury once more. This time around our attention is on foods. A look at the most expensive foods in the is what is on the radar.

Let have a look at the list when it comes to the most expensive foods in the world;

15. The Golden Opulence Sundae – $1,000

What exactly is made up of the Golden Opulence Sundae? And you will find out this particular dish is all about chocolate and gold( as the name suggests). The center of the dish is five scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.

Added to that is Madagascar vanilla covered in 23K edible gold leaf. That drizzling chocolate is made of the world’s most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porcelana. And it is covered with chunks of Chuao chocolate, which is from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela’s coast.

It was found to be on the menu of one restaurant in New York known as Serendipity and according to them, they sell at least once every month.

14. Golden Phoenix Cupcake – $1,200

Another dessert on the list which one needs to cough a little over $1,000 in order to have a taste of how it feels is the Golden Phoenix Cupcake. The funny thing here is that it also bears the name golden.

And so where can you find this mouth-watering dessert and what is it made of? It appears the Golden Phoenix Cupcake is very much abound in Dubai. Dubai hosts them and as the oil money keeps flowing, this is most likely to be chicken change to most Emirates.

What you need to know is the fact that his sensational cupcake is not made of ordinary batter and toppings. The base of this cupcake is made of vanilla beans from Uganda and chocolate from Italy. And on top of that are the 23K gold sheets and gold-dipped strawberries.

13. Lancashire Meat Pie – $1,781

It appears you need to pay close to $15,000 if you want the full pie but for a slice, you will be paying $1,781. That is how expensive the Lancashire meat is.

But what makes it such expensive? Top-class Wagyu meat can be very expensive. This particular pie’s Wagyu beef fillet is worth more than $800 alone.

Besides that, the pie filling also contains Chinese matsutake mushroom, winter black truffle, French blue foot mushroom, and all of them are cooked with great quality wine gravy.

12. Angelito Araneta Jr.’s Sushi – $1,978

It appears this Japanese dish cant be taken off the list as well when it comes to the most expensive foods in the world.

This particular sushi bears the name of the chef who brought about it.

Chef Angelito Araneta Jr. is commonly known as the Karat Chef for his signature of incorporating gold into his dish. This sushi is no exception. He made this six years ago. And it put him in the Guinness Book of World Record.

There is no doubt, with a $1,978 price tag, this sensational sushi became (and still is) the world’s most expensive sushi. So, what makes it so expensive?

Each of these five pieces of nigiri sushi is wrapped in thin gold sheets. The garnish is no less outstanding. On top of each sushi are the top-class caviar, African diamond, and three Mikimoto pearls.

That is how special this sushi is and in case you want a piece of it, you need to contact Chef Angelito since this is something which isn’t on any menu of any restaurant.

11. Margo’s Truffle and Gold Pizza – $2,400

We all know how much this popular Italian food costs on the streets and we all know we wouldn’t dream of coming close to a pizza which is most likely to be in the range of $2,000.

But the reality is that; that is how much the Margos Truffle and Gold Pizza cost. The asking price is exactly $2,400 making it one of the most expensive foods in the world.

This one is served at Margo’s Pizzeria in Malta. What makes this pizza so expensive is simply the extra topping they put: rare white truffle and gold leaf.

And so there you have it, the next time you find yourself in Malta and with some extra cash, try and get this kind of pizza.

10. FleurBurger 5000 – $2,500

Talk of the world’s most expensive burger and you will certainly be referring to this.

The world’s most expensive burger costs a whopping $2,500 and features wagyu beef, seared foie gras, and black truffle shavings.

The name 5000 actually comes from its price. To get a bite of FleurBurger, you must order it in a package with a bottle of wine for $5,000.

The wine itself costs $2,500. Thus, this spectacular burger costs half of the main price, $2,500.

9. The Samundari Khazana Curry – $3,200

Another food making the list as one of the world’s most expensive foods is that of the samudari khazana curry. This is one Indian dish and it comes at a price of $3,200.

The Samundari Khazana curry, meaning Seafood Treasure, is a mix of caviar, sea snails, a whole lobster and even edible gold.

To complement the dish, they also add the extremely rare white truffle, Beluga caviar, quail eggs, and of course, gold leaf.

8. Pizza Royale 007 – $4,200

When you hear 007 what comes to mind? Of course James Bond comes into the . And that is the truth. This particular pizza was inspired by James Bond hence the name Pizza Royale 007.

This masterpiece was created by Domenico Crolla from Bella Napoli Restaurant.

Being a Scottish-Italian, Crolla put his Scottish touch into this Italian dish. Pizza Royale 007 brings together Scottish smoked salmon, cognac-marinated lobster, venison medallions, the finest prosciutto, and top that with Dom Perignon champagne-soaked caviar.

Above everything else, the 12-inch pizza comes with a significant amount of edible 24K gold flakes as the topping.

7. AnQi Pho Soup – $5,800

In case you might be wondering what kind of soup will be attracting such a huge price tag, then I do believe you haven’t tried or heard of the pho soup.

With a budget close to $6,000 that is what is most likely to guarantee you a bowl of this Vietnamese traditional soup.

With a bowl of AnQi Pho soup, your tongue will be spoiled by long thin strands of noodles. They are so soft and slippery that you don’t have to chew them. However, you might want to chew them to taste them better because they are made from rare blue lobster meat.

On top of that, the assorted beef is made from high-quality (A5) Wagyu beef which takes days to prepare. Not to mention the tasty Vietnamese foie gras broth. All together in one bowl mixed with white Alba truffles.

That is what the Pho Solo is all about and is very much one of the most expensive foods in the world.

6. Densuke Black Watermelon – $6,100

Yes, you read it right; watermelon is in the picture but this time around we are talking about the Densuke Watermelon.

On the market, there are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon. So, what makes the Densuke Black Watermelon so expensive? Here is the answer!

This produce only grows on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Every year, there can only be 10,000 of them harvested. Even on the first harvest, there were only 65 of them. And this one on our list is among the first harvest. It was auctioned off for ¥650,000 (around $6,100).

5. Yubari King Melon – $15,000

Another melon on the list which really lived up to its name by becoming king on the price list of the most expensive foods in the world is the Yunari KING Melon which got sold for close to $20,000 during an auction in Japan.

Now the question I believe you might be asking once again is; what makes this fruit so special?

Yubari King melon is a hybrid of two other cantaloupe cultivars, Earl’s Favorite and Burpee’s “Spicy” Cantaloupe.

This hybrid is perfectly round and has an exceptionally smooth rind. Since its first breakthrough, it has become one of the most popular choices for gifts in Japan.

4. The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate – $25,000

I do come from a country where cocoa is in abound but hearing of a chocolate coming at such a price range is really absurd but that is the reality on the ground.

You certainly need to dip your hand in your pocket and bring out $25,000 when you want to taste the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate.

The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate (yes, it is spelled with three “r”) is basically a chocolate ice cream sundae. But here is the twist: it is made of not just one kind of chocolate, but twenty-eight. And as if that was not enough, half of them are some of the world’s most expensive.

This beautiful dessert is decorated with edible gold and served in a gold goblet you can eat as well. And as you keep scooping your ice cream, you will find an 18K gold bracelet and diamonds in the bottom.

That can very be classified as the golden food.

3. Almas Caviar – $25,000

The thing is both the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate and this all come along with the same price tag. $25,000 is the asking price.

Caviar has been known as a luxury on a plate. This particular caviar is the most expensive in the world. What makes it so expensive? First thing first, Almas Caviar is extremely rare. It comes from the Beluga Sturgeon species in the Caspian Sea.

This caviar has a distinctive light white color which inspired its name, Almas. It literally means diamond. The only store known to sell this exquisite caviar is the Caviar House & Prunier located in Picadilly, London. They sell it in a 24K gold can for $25,000 per kilo. Smaller cans are also available.

2. Italian White Alba Truffle – $160,406

Nature produces the best. In this case, nature produces the second most expensive food in the world. As you went through this list, you might notice the occurrence of truffle as the ingredient for some of these expensive foods. Well, it should come as no surprise that the truffle itself costs a lot of money.

Those dishes mostly use black truffle which is cheaper than white truffle. This truffle, the Italian White Alba Truffle, is extremely rare. Plus, it is very hard to cultivate.

Alba truffle produces an aroma and flavor that is gastronomically unique and wonderfully intoxicating. There is nothing like it. And this particular truffle comes from a small market town of Alba, in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.

1. Diamond Christmas Cake – $1.72 million

Now the list is now complete with the Diamond Cake been the most expensive food in the world.

As the name suggests, the Diamond Cake is made up of 223 pieces of diamond and 173 carats of gold hence the staggering price.

Which of these foods do you intend to try when you become rich or have you tried?

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